The Issues

Keeping Our Community Safe

Mike believes a strong and safe Virginia is only possible with a police system that is well funded, well trained, and held accountable.

As a police chaplain, Mike has seen first hand the effects of underfunded and under supported departments. We need to recruit, train, and compensate first responders to ensure we have great police departments.

On City Council, Mike has continually voted favorably on any police legislation or requests for funding that have come before him. His voting record shows that he is a supporter not just in name but in his actions as well. The actions of the recent “leadership” in Virginia shows that now more than ever we need strong supporters of our First Responders and particularly our Police Departments in Richmond.

While ensuring a safe community is a priority for Mike, he also believes in giving people the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Virginians who have previously been incarcerated for non-violent crimes, and who have completed their sentences should be given the opportunity to have a second chance. Mike will support policies that set citizens up for successful reentry into society and that reduce recidivism.

By prioritizing public safety resources and prison beds for serious offenders we make our communities safer. Mike believes in increasing public safety through effective rehabilitation programs especially for criminals with mental health issues. Rehabilitation helps break the cycle of crimes and make our communities safer. Additionally, he supports increased funding to address mental health issues.

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Helping Our Students Succeed

As a longtime educator, Mike has a very clear understanding of what is going on in today’s education system. During the COVID shutdown, he saw firsthand the disparity for people that did not have school choice. If we are going to have true educational equity and equality, school choice is the only way. Parents should have the right to choose what educational model is best for their student. Whether public, private, or homeschooled, the parents are the first line advocate for their student and should be given the means through vouchers or tax credits to choose the education model that is best for them.

Mike also believes every child deserves a strong education regardless of zip code. On City Council, Mike always voted to fully fund our schools. As Delegate, he’ll continue to fight for our schools to get the resources they need and will prioritize legislation addressing the learning losses that our children have faced during the pandemic.

We should be giving every student the opportunity to reach his or her maximum potential. For some students, that means Advanced Diplomas with college-level calculus. For others, it’s a standard diploma with job skills training.

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Rebuilding Our Economy

In order to put more money back into the pockets of the average working citizen, we need to lower taxes, reduce wasteful spending and eliminate excessive regulations in order to create jobs and grow Virginia’s economy.

The pandemic has threatened our financial security and hurt our economy. As we move forward, we need to incentivize Virginians who are able to get back to work. Mike will be an advocate for our small businesses and other sectors to make sure they have the resources they need to grow back stronger than before.

In Colonial Heights, Mike fought for his community by passing a large Community Development Block Grant to help families pay their utilities during the pandemic. Mike is ready to take ideas like that to Richmond where he can help rebuild our economy.

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