RICHMOND–Delegate-elect Mike Cherry (R-Colonial Heights) announced Tuesday his legislative package for the 2022 legislative session. Cherry’s bills will focus on preserving Virginian’s constitutional rights, supporting law enforcement, supporting our nation’s veterans, and campaign finance reform.

“I am ready to take the oath of office and get to work for my constituents in Colonial Heights and Chesterfield,” stated Cherry. “My bills reflect many of the concerns that I’ve heard throughout the 66th district, and I hope that they will have a positive impact on our community. I look forward to working with my colleagues on these issues and supporting many of the other proposals necessary to get our state back on the right path.”

Delegate-elect Cherry has introduced the following bills:

House Joint Resolution 9 will continue the bipartisan process started in 2021 to amend the Constitution of Virginia to ensure that all Virginians have the right to vote. If approved by the General Assembly and the voters of this state, this constitutional amendment will automatically restore the voting rights of felons once they complete their sentence. House Bill 130 will contain language necessary to place this amendment on the ballot in November 2022.

House Bill 131 will allow localities the option of including 9-1-1 dispatchers enhanced retirement benefits for hazardous duty service, an option already available for firefighters, police officers, and other first responders. This legislation recognizes the difficult, yet vital, job performed daily by our local dispatchers.

House Bill 132 will expand the Disabled Veterans’ Passport at Virginia State Parks to include all veterans with a service-connected disability, ensuring free access to state parks for veterans who obtained a disability in service to our nation. Presently, the passport is only offered to veterans with a 100 percent service-connected disability. President Trump signed similar legislation in December 2020 that guaranteed free entry to all National Park Service properties for any veteran with a service-connected disability.

House Bill 133 repeals Senate Bill 71 (2020) that prohibited the carrying of firearms on private and religious preschools and child day centers. This bill will allow private businesses the right to protect our most precious resource–our children.

House Bill 134 amends current state law to require two physicians sign off when releasing a patient early from an involuntary commitment order. This bill comes as a request from a constituent who experienced a family trauma as a result of an individual being released from an involuntary commitment order early.

House Bill 135 provides for the transfer of a person subject to an emergency custody order or temporary detention order from a law enforcement officer to an alternate transportation provider. This bill will allow law enforcement to return to their primary role of community safety.

In addition to the above bills, Delegate-elect Cherry will introduce legislation in the coming days to ban the personal use of campaign funds. This legislation will be similar to previous bills passed by the House under both Republican and Democratic control.