Dear Friend,

Today I am announcing my endorsement of Glen Sturtevant to be the next State Senator from Virginia’s 12th District. Chesterfield and Colonial Heights need a State Senator who is effective and can deliver results. Glen is that person, and he has my full support.

I have had the opportunity to meet with all candidates. Glen stands out. He’s knowledgeable on the issues and has a true passion to serve others. Glen’s previous experience in the State Senate also ensures he is ready to go on day one.

When in the Senate, Glen voted against every tax increase proposed by Democrats. He championed School Choice legislation, fought for our veterans, and stood up for our God given rights. These are all matters important to me as an individual and voters across the district.

Glen will focus on substantive policy matters that impact the lives of everyday Virginians and not focus solely on sound bites or media attention. I am confident that he will be a workhorse, not a show horse.

Glen is also running a strong campaign. In a district that many now consider a swing seat thanks to redistricting, this is vitally important. Glen is consistently present in the district, has knocked thousands of doors, attends community meetings frequently, and continues to raise the funds needed to run a competitive campaign. This shows me that Glen is willing and able to put in the work to win in November. Remember, in order for Republicans to flip the Senate from blue to red, we must hold on to all 18 seats we currently have.

Our community needs a new voice in the State Senate.

Simply put, Amanda Chase is no longer effective. During the previous four legislative sessions, she has introduced 80 bills. Zero of her bills were passed into law. She has instead claimed success by highlighting other legislator’s successful bills in which she was a co-patron.

Legislating is not a one-person task. It requires a team. In Richmond, Senator Chase has no meaningful allies in the General Assembly. One cannot be an effective lawmaker without the support of other legislators. It takes cooperation to pass bills into law. Calling other legislators or statewide elected officials names does nothing to help the people of Chesterfield and Colonial Heights.

It would have been easier for me to simply sit this primary out and wait for the results, but I don’t believe in taking the easy route. This primary is immensely important to the future of our state.

The Republican primary is Tuesday, June 20th. You can vote at your usual polling place anytime between 6am and 7pm. You can also vote early starting May 5th.

I hope that you will strongly consider casting your vote in support of Glen.

Mike Cherry